Send your tiny data set in an easily readable electronic format (no images or pictures) along with any tiny data set  particulars that you wish to be considered to

and include your coupon code: d4a in the subject line.

This is a limited offer which may be rescinded at any time and for any reason.

By supplying the data you agree to have it analyzed and have the data, with considerations, as well as the resulting analytical result appear in the "Analysis Solutions" portion of this site where it is publicly available.

In some cases, such as, small, medium, large, huge and big data sets or other complications, such as, complex or confusing considerations or goals, separate arrangements as well as a fee may be required.  These prior arrangements will be made in agreement with you and

Due to data limitations, time and resource constraints the analysis may or may not be possible.

In any case, or data4analysis, reserves the right to undertake or not undertake any particular analysis.